What Is a Visa Credit Card?

A Visa Credit Card is a payment/pouches card that functions through the Visa network and it is branded by Visa. This company/network started with just credit cards but currently has brought out to include debit, prepaid, and as well as gift cards. Although the Visa Credit card carries the Visa symbol/logo, these cards are not issued by the company itself. They’re issued by some link financial institutions around the world.

• Visa Credit cards are payment cards that make use of the Visa network.
• We have a few types of Visa cards which are as follows, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and also the gift cards.

Understanding the Visa Cards
The Visa cards are acceptable by so many businesses in more than 250 countries around the globe. We have some other payment companies that own some payment processing networks such as the MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and many more.

The Visa cards are available for individuals and business customers/owners through a range of financial institution partnerships.

Note: the Service agreements include the bank transaction fees and Visa network charges.
Each of the Visa cards depends on the Visa payment and also processing network to execute transactions.

When Partnering with Visa as maybe a primary payment processing network, it allows payments to be collected electronically and also debited or credited to all cardholder’s account.

All Purchases are been made with dealers that accept the Visa cards. All of the Visa cards come with a unique 16-digit card number which is embossed on the front close to the microchip that easily provides the cardholder with strong protection against card fraud. You will find a magnetic stripe on the back with a panel for the cardholder’s signature.

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Types of Visa Cards
As we have explained above, we have several types of the Visa payment cards which are branded with the Visa logo and which makes use of the Visa payment processing network.

Types of Visa Card
1. Visa credit cards
2. Visa debit cards
3. Prepaid
4. Gift cards.


Visa credit cards

Financial institutions which are as well as banks, they issue Visa credit cards to all consumers that have a creditworthy based on their credit report. The Visa credit cards offer services to all cardholders which include security, this can be used by merchants and (ATMs) around the globe.

All Cardholder’ names will be embossed or printed in front of the Visa card. As usual, this card also has a three-digit validation code on the back which is on every ATM card. This code gives you additional security.

Visa Debit Card
The Visa debit card offers you access to everyday banking accounts, checking and also saving accounts. Just Like a credit card, the card can be used in making purchases at retailers store or to perform monotonous bank transactions at a bank branch or can be done with an ATM. Do you want to experience execute transactions, all cardholders must use a personal identification number (PIN).

Visa Prepaid Cards
Visa Network or financial institute offers a very wild range of different numbers of prepaid and also gift cards. The both card can be obtained at retailers and as we explain above, this card come with a printed 16-digit card number on the front.

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Prepaid Cards
This card is not connected with any deposit or credit card account. Note: These cards come with a loaded specific amount of money which acts as a credit limit.
This is to say that, all cardholders of the Prepaid Card can’t devote more than the amount that is loaded onto the card. These cards can be used anywhere.






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