Are you trying to talk to a friend or are you trying to talk to a random stranger who you pick interest in, you are welcome to the 100% guide tutorial which was composed just for this special problem.

Remember you must have to know what you want and your intentions too. Do not rush it, take it slowly don’t be arrogant, be nice to her. 1 mistake most guys make, is not knowing the right time and the right words. Not to worry I got you covered.

Below I will show you all the necessary steps to take when asking a girl out and see all the good returns.

Step1 Knowing the kind of person she is?

Have you been making these same mistakes then it is time to correct it? Before thinking of approaching a lady you should know the type of person she is, this will help you know the manner which you will use when approaching her.

Most people are good at tricking a lady why some are not so if you are the type that can’t trick a lady then I think this part is for you. This part puts you on the right track, knowing her type of girl you should be able to talk to her freely, able to give your very best, and make her smile without even talking much.


In this part, you should be able to talk to her, make her smile and also try to say some sweet words that tell much about how you see her and tell about her beauty.

Examples: Hello Jennifer I’m Antonio by name I live around, I must say I have been stocking and crushing on you for some time now, jenny I must say you are so very beautiful, if you should permit me I will love to call you my role model because you remind me of a very special celebrity In my heart, she keeps making me smile always even in my dreams I have always which that will meet her someday and tell her how I feel about her and call her my star and show her to the world. These will make her smile and want to get to know more about that special guy in front of her believe me.


Knowing what she really wants at that moment even without her telling you, how can you do that. This can be noted from her look even if she is smiling there must always be a movement and some funny looks on her face to tell you that was in a hurry to somewhere before you stop her, so what you should do at this time is try not to be rude be a gentleman and ask her if she was heading somewhere that you don’t mind giving her a walk down there. If she says no that she can work alone, and then try not to look angry give her a smile and say is cool by you her wishes are your command. 



Another mistake some guys make is trying to ask just so soon for a girl’s number which is very wrong most times it is cool but to be on a safer side take it gently. After you must have talked to her and she was about leaving do well to ask her for her number and if she said no, try to ask again and if she refuses then you have to act cool and smile let her be she will definitely give it to you maybe is just a test for you to see your reactions.

 Example: I guess you are in a hurry which is ok with you, please permit me to ask. And she will respond “Cool” then go ahead and ask very politely.


 Call her or text her and tell her how happy you felt finally talking to her and how you wish to see her again some other time.

Do the checking up and the calling or texting to show her how much you care and want to meet her again. Remember never start a friendship on money, like for example she asking for help financially when you are just getting to know her is very wrong.

Ask her out, let her know you have some good intentions not just there to use her and run away, tell you to love to meet again somewhere cool maybe outside and have some cool drinks and talk more about how you feel about her and how you wish to be with her.

Example: If I have just one wish to make right now is to be with you, I have always dreamed of this day to finally tell you how much I love you from the very first time I set my eyes on you. “you know I never believe I will be able to say this to someone ever since my last relationship ended, I have been so ok all alone not until I set my eyes on you that very special Monday which I will never forget.

Please I ask you to grant this wish for me and I will be the happiest man alive. she will say something nice, give her a lot of reasons that you are good for her let her know how much you want to make her happy. Remember her friends will also be your help in getting her too, try to make them like you and try to make them see that you will be good for her.

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