Full specifications of Nokia Edge 2021
The all new Nokia Edge mobile device is consider one of the most rated and awaited flagships of the year 2021. So Many people thinks that the outcome of this device is going to rank the best made device by the Nokia mobile, but must Say there are also other great phones that have been produce alongside examples like the Nokia G40 and the Nokia G30.

Remarkably the Nokia Edge specs will be so impressive and a good one as it is our priority to advice you on the best mobiles to get, this is a great opportunity you are in the write place, this device is going to be an edge to edge phone, this is good news to all the Nokia fans.

this means that you will be able to have a device covered of a display -congratulations to the Nokia Edge devises, we are going to keep you updated as it is our priority keeping you updated on the latest mobile news: the Nokia Edge 2021 comes with a (20GB RAM).

And also this device was built using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, for more power and also an amazing user experience.


Also this Nokia Edge 2021 is built with a large 6.6-inch Super AMOLED screen and also with a great resolution of (2160) by 3840 pixels also a stylish 18:9 aspect ratio and a Gorilla Glass 7.


One of the most interesting thing about the Nokia Edge cameras is that it is fashionable it will allow you to take 4K videos also with a 124 MP Megapixel primary and a 34mp Megapixel selfie sensors. It comes with a beautiful curved design, praise your phone anywhere any time because; you will be so proud.

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Also it comes with a large internal storage space that can also be expanded; it comes with 128GB or 256GB of ROM and external storage can be expanded in up to 256GB Micro SD it comes with an inbuilt retina scanner.

Also this device runs on the latest operating system Android 12 Pie that has much more future which takes the usability to another great level.

Nokia Edge comes with a fashion sleek design which is characterized by bezel-less display and also high screen-to-body ratio. Also the Nokia Edge 2021 brings a powerful 7,100mAh inbuilt battery that comes with a fast battery charging and high power supply.

Nokia Edge 2021 Release date and price?

The moment we have all been waiting for good news the price of this great Nokia gadget will be about $1,100 in the USA. Why in Nigeria at about 450,000 naira it will be released very soon in the market it be available starting from December 2021

    RAM: 20GB
    ROM: 128 OR 256 GB
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Chipset
    Camera: 124MP dual rear cameras and 34MP pop-up front cam
    Screen: 6.6-inch AMOLED Screen with 2160 by 3840 pixels resolution
    Operating system: Android 12 Pie.
    Battery: 7,100mAh inbuilt battery with fast charging


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