The names of the co-founder of the Monkey app are Ben Pasternak and Turner. They both met some years ago as an Internet Kids. After then they officially met in person at the Apple’s app developer conference which was in the year 2015. This app is one platform where you can have lots of laughs with people around you. It is an interesting app for having a humorous chat with so many interesting people and also making so many delightful stuff. This app allows you to meet with quite an interesting number of people for swapping ideas and making some friends.

The Monkey application allows you to make calls and split your feelings with others for some real-time. You can choose to call your loving ones and also can neglect any call if someone does not entice you, it is your own decision to choose who to call or received call and who’s to be rejected. The Monkey app assists you in meeting people in trees that affiliate to your interests and which allows you to add as many people that you like. This application approves you to have many discussions with all your new friends and partners through different trees.

From the mobile app analytical company App Annie,Monkey  says it has been downloaded 3 million times since the launched in the month of  November 2016,  which attracted an average number of 300,000 monthly active users in the year 2017.  This application is very popular among teens and also young adults.

According to the Application Annie, the Monkey app was marked as the number-one application which was downloaded by teenagers right from its introduction, and this application has generally remained among the top 10 chatting apps ever since. The current status of this application is that it’s the ninth most trending app among it, age groups.

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Below are some best Alternatives for Monkey App:

 Chatroulette App

Chatroulette is yet another social media application that is very similar to the Monkey app which allows all users to connect with one another with the help of webcams and also a microphone featured in it. This is one rated the most liked and generally used video calling application that lets all its users aimlessly talk and chat with strangers who are using this app too on their devices. This video chatting application allows clients and also users to easily talk with strangers from different countries.

If you feel you do not like somebody there in the app, you can end the contact/ conversation with that exact person. With no effort, all the users can simply manage all their stuff with just some simple click. There are a number of people that are using this application for their own determinations of fun and interest. This app has connected so many people from different countries as well as different cities. You can make all connections with as many singles also with committed individuals on this application and also share your feelings and thoughts making use of your camera.

This is exactly a dating application where you can flirt, friendship, chatting, dating, and many more. There are no ages restrictions on this application so most people with almost all ages can use it for their entertainment determinations.

#Fav Talk

The Fav Talk app, this a platform that grants all its users asses to create contact with a large number of communities who have the same interests as yours. With the help of this app, all users can increase the span of their dearest people and also exchange their ideas and also reason with them. This application allows you to chat with them anytime you feel like it. You can also get matches with different people that are having the same view of thinking.

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This application allows you to select people to start a discussion and have a talk with them. You can get so much information about the people and also their interests for a healthier knowledge. This app provides fairly user-friendly settings just so you can easily exchange the settings as per your choice and also this application provides so many special commands as well. You can easily control settings to allow or block users who are searching you.

This application delivers a quite varied and also a unique feature of adding people whenever they find you in searches, users will automatically be added to your private chat list. The Fav Talk application made it very easy enough to chat with people that are having similar interests.



The MeowChat application is a bomb of fun and also happiness. This is a very fun place to meet with so many new individuals from around the world and do chat with them smoothly.

Omegle App

The Omegle.com delivers a very safe place which you can meet new individuals that are close to you and across the world in a very brief manner. This is a universally used dating application that enables you to come in contact with so many interesting people and also begging a conversation with them. This application comes with some intensified features which permit its users to talk very freely and rightly in a very protected scenario.


Stranger Chat – Anonymous Chat

The Stranger Chat application which is probably known as the Anonymous Chat is one of the best Ways in enjoying random chatting at a very free cost with so many strangers. This application simply permits all its users to create contact with random people, keep staying anonymous at all times and this feature are installed in it for user’s safety.

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The Azar application is another exciting and social networking platform that helps all its users to communicate with millions of strangers. This is one platform for connecting with so many real and existing users only.

Hello Chat app

The Hello-Chat app is a random video chatting application that offers a very secure means of creating links with so many strange people that are living close to you or maybe miles away from you. There are thousands of individuals in the world that apparently have the same interests as yours; they have the same thinking styles and hobbies as yours.

Stranger Chat

From its name you should know what it is all about. this is an application that brings its users a hilarious, way for people to connect with the ones that are alien.

Omegle App

The Omegle application is a chatting application that assists in boosting your communication with many strangers and also gives them the chance to communicate with one another and also make friends if they find your conversation real.

#RandomTalk App

The RandomTalk application is a random chatting app which allows its users to stay in touch with many strangers remaining anonymous all the time. The application will give you a chance to achieve more information about the users from different nations and also cultures. This application gives you a great way in exchanging happiness and also creating connections with different strangers.

#Gapita Chat

The Gapita application is a free source that is projected to talk to strangers and also make so many new friends. When you make use of this application, thus application brings a feature of picking someone else randomly and this app allows you have a chat with them.



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