Are looking to make a very quick and fast payment or also send money to a friend you are owing? One of the ways which you can do this is to make use of the Cash App. Though, these days, you aren’t restricted to just one app if you feel like sending money virtually.

If you wish to make a payment to a family member, friend or anyone else, here are some alternative apps like the Cash App that you can use.

Cash App:

You might have heard about the Square Cash? Well, presently it is known as the Cash App. You can make use of it to instantly transfer so cash to anyone located in the USA or the UK.  You may need to choose a changed service if you wish to send some money internationally. Note, both you and the receiver of the payment will have to be a registered users of the app.

Also making straight payments, you can also make use of the Cash App in other to get a free debit card and also make use of it to make ordering at brick-and-mortar stores or can be used to take out cash from your account at ATMs.

This is app is free to make personal payments. But just like the other services, it charges you a 3% fee if you make use of your credit card for all payments and a 1.5 percent fee for direct deposits.

Download: The Cash App for Android | iOS (Free)

1. Venmo App

 So many users come to the conclusion that Venmo and PayPal come with the same features. Yes, that is the truth, the owners of Paypal also are owners of Venmo, but actually, and they all come with different features and are appropriate for millions of users.

The Venmo app is not just well-known app that is meant for sending and making payments; this is a social payment app. If you mostly split checks at the bar with your friends and infrequently have cash on you, then I must say that this app is worth considering, the Venmo app since so many people already have it, you’ll be able to split your payments with just anyone fastly.

The Venmo app is very free to use, but none that it will charge you a 3% percent fee if you want to make a money transaction using a credit card. Withdrawing cash from the Venmo app account is also free but if you wish to get money transferred instantly, you are going to be deducted a one percent fee from the transfer amount.

Download:  The Venmo for Android | iOS (Free)

2. PayPal App

The PayPal App is one of the eldest electronic trade companies that are used for online money transfers by so many people online. Even if there are available countries where all of these services aren’t completely available, this company has grown into a well-trusted digital wallet and payment provider.

This app is very free and also simple to set up a PayPal account, this app is user-friendly too. But so many complain about the customer service, that they don’t always respond very quickly as you might like. If you encountered any issues, you might have to wait a bit to get a solution.

You can make use of this app in sending money to your friends as well as for your business-related payments. The first example, you are not going to be charged for anything on your transaction (if you use of cash from your PayPal account).

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Note if you send any payment making use of a credit or debit card, you have to withdraw money to your bank account, or pay for goods or services; you’ll get to pay some fees. Also same to the business payments.

Download: The PayPal for Android | iOS (Free)

3. TransferWise App

The TransferWise app is a UK-based company platform that gives you free accounts registration multi-currency e-wallets, and also transparent fees. Services are very available in over 60 countries.

All registration and also the verification process may seem a little bit difficult, but note the overall user experience may be excellent. Apart from the usual money transferring system, you can also make use of the TransferWise to hold your cash in different currencies, also get a debit card, then make a transfer even if the other person in question doesn’t have a registered account, and more.

Note; the fees will depend on how much cash you’re sending, and also the currency, and the country of residence. Fees can be get breakdown right before sending the money making the TransferWise’s calculator.

Download: The TransferWise for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Payoneer App

The Payoneer App is a wonderful payment service that has an appearance in over 200 countries. You can make use of this service for peer-to-peer money transactions; this company targets in providing a reliable platform for businesses, their workers are skilled and also professionals.

Some features and services Provided by the  Payoneer App are:

  • Currency conversion
  • Multi-currency e-wallets
  • Prepaid cards
  • Custom invoices
  • Payment requests

Note there are no fees or charges when you receive payment by another Payoneer customer. There are program fees set if you make a payment request or receive payments from the marketplaces. Also when withdrawing money from your account to a local bank, you are going to be charged some fee depending on the currency you use.

Download: The Payoneer for Android | iOS (Free)

5. PaySend App

The Paysend App, this is a virtual money-transfer service that came out to be similar to TransferWise App. This platform supports person-to-person system, also business-to-business payments in several currencies.

This platform approves services for receiving money in over 90 countries worldwide and also in 49 countries for sending money. If you wish to make use of this payment platform first it’s best to make inquiries if it is available in your present country.

This App is free in sending payments to a bank account, but if you make use of a card, there is a low fee Charges. You can look for this fee amount using a special calculator in the app, so you’ll know the exact amount you need to pay.

ePayments payment app:

The ePayments is a suitable digital wallet market that is very specially and also made for people to make money on the internet. With this application, you can receive all payments from your partners and also withdraw cash, make online payments too from anywhere around the world. This been use by over 500 thousand users from over 100 countries who can use the app to make their payment system and also enhanced. This app allows you to withdraw money at ATMs anywhere around the world. You can as well purchase all digital currencies and also transfer or receive money and payment for goods at a local store. This app offers so many security systems that protect your own payment and it is very secure.

Google Wallet App:

The Google Wallet, this is a peer-to-peer payment service app created and also been published by the Google team. It enables everyone to send or receive money from your mobile device without any tension or security dangers. To use this application, you must have to be linked through the app with an existing debit card or a bank account. This platform allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs without any attendant fee and could also be used as a debit card for almost any purpose. The Google Wallet App offers some many of features such as sending or receiving money, requesting money from others, and also cash out with a bank account and also a debit card, etc. Note, you can as well automatically transfer the money which is been receive to a debit card.

Capital One Wallet:

The Capital One Wallet is a very free to use application, this app is specially made for users who want to send and also receive money in secure manners. This application provides all users with the option of getting linkage to their bank accounts and also adding multiple debit cards same place in order to manage all actions related to them.

The Capital One Wallet is one among the alternative app that offers lots of related services with some inspiring features such as the international payments method which is on the online platform. The Capital One Wallet allows you to make some shopping at the supermarket or from your computers; this also help them as you can make payments in secure methods within seconds.

PayGo Wallet:

The PayGo Wallet is a Mobile App that deals with a very unique opportunity to make an electronic payment. This application generates virtual MasterCard in no time, and all users use the app to make different online payments. The PayGo app was specially made for users who want to manage their personal bank accounts to make online transactions securely.


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