Sometimes your car might need some gas, the process is very easy to find the nearest station close to your home. You can at least reflect on one or two that are close to you, but what if you don’t remember any; you might not be in an area you know very well? In this case, finding the nearest gas station might take you a lot of your time. Credits to Google Maps, you can now get all the gas information you need.

You’ve clearly used Google Maps to get some directions to somewhere, but not to locate where a gas station is. Will I have good news for you, it’s easy and you won’t have any problems knowing how to get there.

Locating an Open Gas Station close to you – Android

How to get started, you have to open Google Maps.  And after the apps automatically open, click on the Gas choice.

After you click on the Gas options, the Google Map will then display you all the gas stations near you. And at the top, you are going to see filters that you can make use of in finding a specific gas station. For example, your Google Map only shows you gas stations that you’ve visited previously, haven’t visited, or some that are open at the moment. If you don’t find any filters you can then use, click on More Filters.

After you have click on the Gas options, Google Maps is going to show you all the gas stations which are near you. At the top screen, you are going to see some filters you can use to find a specific gas station. Now, for example, you can have Google Maps if it only displays gas stations that most have visited previously, haven’t visited, or gas stations that are open at the moment. And if you don’t see any of these filters you can use, click on More Filters.

In the page Filters section, you can find the gas stations by Relevance or Distance. There are also sections in which you can see what gas stations that are open now, any or Custom. You can as well see all gas stations that will be open at a specific time or day at the Custom option. This will be a great option if you must be working late and want to also know what gas station is going to be open, just in case of any problems.

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Once all the filters are then set to what you might be looking for don’t forget to click on the Apply button which is at the bottom right. These results will then change and only show you the results you which to see. Then this result will display the option which you want to share that result, Directions, and also make Calls to a specific gas station.

Keep on Exploring

If you feel like exploring other gas stations, might love to swipe to either side. Finding the one that interests you, just click on the red balloon for numerous information. You are going to get info like:

  • Have you visited or not
  • The Address
  • The Business hours
  • The Phone number
  • The Website
  • The Reviews
  • The Photos
  • The Save

There are also double ways in which you can view the search results. You can make use of the Map View or the View list.

In the View List, all the results are very easy to view. Click on the one you which to view and you’ll see all the essential information about that gas station of your choice.


Note if you don’t think you will need it, sometimes is good to know where your nearest gas station is. All credits to Google Maps, you are not only going to find out where it is, but also you are going to find out its business hours and more.

How to Find the Nearest ATM With Google Maps

In this article we are going to be showing how you can find all the nearest ATMs you need very fast and easy, sometimes you want to eat somewhere that you can only pay with ATM not paying with cash or need to pay your friend back. Whichever way, the Google Map can help you in locating the closest ATM so you can get the cash you need.

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Note: Google Maps will never tell you if the ATM at your location has cash or has run out of cash, that’s the main reason why the app gives you a different list of ATMs you can try. Since it’s Google Maps, you won’t have to open another app for directions.

How to locate Nearest ATMs on Google Maps

In other to find the nearest ATM, you will have to open your Google Maps and then slides the opinions you’ll see at the top to the left, you will see more option.


When you click on the more option write-up, you’ll then be taken to the More Groups section. Just swipe down until you have got to the Services section. Note: The ATM option is going to be the second one down from the left column.

Just as soon as you click on the ATM option, Google Maps will begin the search to find the one closest to you. And at the bottom, you are going to see the address of the ATM and whether it’s closed to you or not. In some cases, it is good to know since many ATMs are mostly inside the bank and are lockdown after business hours.

There won’t be any point knowing where the nearest ATM is if it’s showing closed, click on the Open now option at the top so that your Google Maps can only display to you all the ones that are open at the moment. If you see the one you wish to look into then you can zoom in and click on the red button for extra information. If you wish to use more filters in finding the right gas station, click on the More Filter option.

You are going to see the options to click to get directions, Call, or Share the information with an app you already have installed. If you don’t feel like seeing the ATM in Map View, you can as well move to the View List option. In other to get directions in this view, click on the arrow facing the right or directly click on the ATM station name and choose the Directions option.

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How to Use Google Maps to Locate Your Parked Car

So many people sometimes forget where they parked their cars, most especially when the car is parked in crowded parking lots which they aren’t familiar with. Forgetting where your car is parked is so common that so many shopping centers and as well as airports implemented state-of-the-art technologies in finding your vehicle in the parking lot automatically. How is this possible? These systems use your license plate number in tracking your car based on the video footage

Note: these video tracking systems can’t be available in all the parking lots out there.  the only way which you can solve this problem? If you make used of Google Maps to reach your destination, you might use this app in finding your parked car.

How to Locate My Parked Car Using the Google Maps?

You are going to use the Saved Parking Option

In this scenario. You will have to Launch your Google Maps and click on the blue location dot. Then Select the Save you parking option to then mark your parking spot on the map automatically very easy.

You can edit your parking location then manually add your parking spot number.

And what if you Didn’t Use the Parking Option?

Good. If you didn’t use the “Save your parking” selection, your Google Maps can’t really help you in finding your car.

Just in case of next time you want to park your car, you don’t have to forget to save your parking location. Google Maps sometimes tells you to please save your parking location after you have ended your packing. Though these alerts are unpredictable, and this app doesn’t always offer to save the parking location.



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