In this post, we are going to guide you on how to empty trash and recycle bins on Samsung galaxy phones and tablets. In order to empty your trash folder freeing ups some space on your internal storage.

The Samsung smartphone and tablets are among the phone brand that comes with the trash bin on their Samsung phones and tablets, this is very helpful especially in some case were you mistakenly delete your file from your phone or tablet and you feel like recovering it.

Before we preside into the topic of how you can empty your trash bin on your Samsung Galaxy phones and tablet, let put an understanding of what the Samsung trash bin is all about.

The Samsung trash folder or the trash bin was presented by Samsung Global Com some few years back on all smartphones and tablets before it was featured on the Samsung tabs. Samsung trash/ recycle bin folders have the right to store all deleted files, videos, and documents, etc. in a folder called Recycle bin on your Samsung phones and tablet.

What is this article trying to say, all files which were deleted from the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets won’t be permanently deleted until you have empty the trash folder?

If folders are not empty it means all deleted document will be piling on your smartphones and tablet, which amount to a lot of space consumption on your internal storage.

It is recommended for you to always clean up or you can better still empty the Samsung trash folder always, contingent on the number of files you delete on daily basis.

Let’s move back to the original question on how you can empty your trash/recycle bin on the Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet.

How to Empty Trash and Recycle Bin on Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets?

In other to empty your files from the Samsung galaxy trash folder on your Samsung phones and tablet, quickly move to my files.

Then click on the open my files on your galaxy phones and tablet, Click on the three dots which is located at the top right of your phone screen.

Click on the options menu and also the list of options will finally display on your screen, including the trash folder. right at the notification that displays you’ll see the trash and that has finally solve the problem you have been looking for, how can you empty trash on Samsung galaxy phones and tablets.

On your Samsung trash folder, you will see all your deleted files like your videos, mp3, documents, downloaded or transferred pictures, and more.

Note: all Deleted pictures take was taking with your Samsung phone camera is not going to be stored on this very location, it will be stored on the Samsung gallery trash folder. We are going to get back to that particular tutorial later in this post.

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In other to empty your trash on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, in this action on the Samsung trash folder you will see where it is boldly written empty. Click on it and then it will ask you if you’re very sure that you wish to take this action, that all the files will be permanently deleted, then go ahead by clicking on the empty trash, and in just a second all your entire files will be wiped out from your Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet. This is how you can empty your trash on a Samsung galaxy tablet.

Finally let’s move onto the next command, in this command, we will be showing you how you can empty your Samsung gallery folder on the galaxy phone and tablet. Like it was said earlier before now, all deleted pictures which were taken by the Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet won’t be seen in my files trash folder, but rather they will be found in the Samsung trash gallery folder.

This command is very similar to how you can empty your trash on the Samsung galaxy tablet; this involves clearing deleted pictures from your galaxy phone and tablet.

You will have to open your gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet. Again then click the three dots icon by the left-hand corner on your phone screen.

You will also click on the options menu, and a list of so many options will be displayed finally to you including your trash folder. And right there it will be written trash and that’s where you can empty your trash on the Samsung phones and tablets for pictures deleted.

Click on the trash and you are going to see all the pictures that were deleted in the last 30 days. The Samsung trash gallery folder permanently deletes all pictures after 30 days in the trash folder.

All Items which is in the Trash will be permanently be deleted after the 30 days counted. Also always remember to empty your device Trash before you remove your SD card for you to be sure that anything you’ve added to the Trash is completely deleted.

How to restore files from trash on Samsung smartphones?

Not just knowing how to empty the trash on your Samsung Galaxy tablet, we also look at how to restore your files from the Samsung trash folder in just a quick step.

It is just the same steps as emptying the trashed files.

You will kindly open my files on your Galaxy phone and also tap on the three dots option menu. Then select your trash and as you’re on that Samsung trash folder, click on the edit option.

Highlight the files you wish to restore back to your Galaxy phone and tablet then look at your screen below you are going to see Restore. Then click on the restore button and also the check files will finally be restored back to your device internal storage or an SD card.

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After you have deleted a file that is on the download folder in your device, as you have restored it back it will mechanically go back to the download folder or its own original state.


This is just how the Samsung trash folder works.

Note also if you feel like restoring a deleted picture from your phone or tablet, then open your gallery app and click on the menu. tap on the trash and it will then take you to the trash folder.

You are going to see the edit button and then kindly click on it and tick or you can check on the pictures which you wish to restore back to your Samsung tab. below your screen you will see the restore button, then click on it and finally, all the pictures will be restored back to the DCIM folder.

We hope finally by now you should have known how you can empty the trash on the Samsung Galaxy tablet with all these said in this article.

So many numbers of users online ask where can they find the trash folder on the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

we will also be explaining that as well below.

Where is the trash/recycle folder on the Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet

The Samsung trash folder is located in two places on your Samsung Galaxy phone and also tablet which are;

There are Located in your my files folder and also on the Samsung gallery app.

Where to Find the Recycle Bin on a Samsung Galaxy?

A computer comes with a Recycle Bin also the same as the Samsung Galaxy, it has a Recycle Bin for recycling deleted items. Precisely, depending on your current Android OS your phone is running under will provides this feature.

Here is how to find this command:

  1. You have to click on the Gallery
  2. An on the top right corner, click on the three-dot Settings
  3. From the menu, click Recycle Bin.
  4. Finally, you’ll see all your freshly deleted photos and videos here.

Note files can only be here for up to15 days. From day 16, all files here will be erased automatically.

How can you recover all Deleted Videos/Photos from Samsung Galaxy?

Now that you have finally figure out where you have your Recycle Bin on your Galaxy phone or tablet, it’s very easy now to restore your videos or other files that you have there. All you have to do is just select these files and then click on recover.

After emptying the Recycle Bin or all the files have been automatically deleted because it’s been there for more than 15 days, then you should try the following methods below to recover them.

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What will be required?

  • You will need Your Samsung Galaxy phone/tablet
  • And you will need A computer
  • Also a Backup files (optional)
  • Android data recovery software (optional)
  • Access to the Internet

What you have to do first is to stop writing new data to your smartphone — don’t take any more photos or videos. If your pictures were stored in a mass memory card, you have to remove the SD Card from your phone and then insert it in a safer place.

Approach 1: Restore from Backups

When can you use it: after you’ve backed up all the media files making use of the Samsung Cloud or Samsung Smart Switch.

The Samsung Cloud allows you to back up and also restoring your device stock, so you don’t have to panic if you have accidentally deleted a file on your mobile phone or tablet. You can all so restore files and as well sync data on other devices when you are logged/connected into your Samsung cloud account.

The Samsung Smart Switch is an app that gives you easy access to sync data between your mobile device and also your computer. If you must have used the app in backing up your media files like pictures-videos and songs, etc. it’s very simple to restore them. This video comes with more:

How can I empty email trash on my Android device?

You have to open your trash folder, then open a message from your trash folder, and endlessly tap on the delete notification for fast deleting. [Message deleted.]

How to empty your trash on Android?

In order to permanently delete all photos and videos and then empty the trash

You have to select a photo which you want to move to the trash, or you can use the multi-select command to select several photos, or press and then hold on the title in other to select all of the photos in an event, album, or tag.

  1. You will click on the Trash icon.
  2. Click on the Menu button.
  3. Click on Trash.
  4. Click Empty Trash.

How to empty email trash on Android?

You have to open your trash folder, and then open a message from the trash folder, continuously tap on the delete button for a fast deleting.

  1. You have to hit the menu button.
  2. Click “Folders”
  3. Tap “Trash”
  4. Click the menu button.
  5. Then click “Delete”
  6. Then Mark all messages.
  7. Finally hit the “Delete” button.
  8. How to empty the trash folder?

In order to empty your device Trash folder, you have to select the option “All in this folder, in the drop-down menu and then tap the Delete button. You will then be asked to confirm your final action. Then tap on OK to finally delete all emails in the Trash folder.




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