If you are a type that loves to move/transfer files or folders from different folders to another on your Mac, you can easily do that by cutting or pasting them in a method that is similar to Windows, while it’s not obvious how to do it. We are going to show you how to do this.

Why Can You Not Cut Files on a Mac?

This might look confusing if you’re new to Mac from Windows, but the Finder’s “Cut” option in the “Edit” menu is kept only for text. You won’t be able to cut a file or folder with this selection.

The description we are using below is a work done that moves files or folders in a method that is similar to how you can “cut” or “paste” files in Windows.

“Cutting and Paste” on Mac with a Keyboard Shortcut

This is a quick way which you can move a file with a cut and paste action on your Mac, use a keyboard shortcut. This shortcut command functions for single and multiple files.

How can you make use of the shortcut, 1 open the Finder by you clicking the Finder, the smiling face icon in the Dock. After that, open the folder which holds the item or items that you wish to cut.

Then, single-click the item or click and then drag your pointer to select multiple items. After they’re selected, press and hold Command+C on your keyboard.


Finally, open the folder on your Mac where you want to “paste” your files and then press Command+Option+V on your keyboard.

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The finder will finally move the selected items from their unique location and “paste” them into your current folder. It’s quite handy.

How TO “Cut and Paste” Files on Mac with a Finder Menu Option

If you fill you don’t want to use a keyboard shortcut to cut and paste files, you still have an option in Finder’s menu to achieve the “cut and paste” task.

In other to access these options, you have to open the folder which is containing the items that you wish to cut. After that please select the items to cut, and from Finder’s menu bar, handpick Edit > Copy Items.

Finally, you have to move to the folder which you wish to paste your file finally click and hold down the Option key and then select Edit > Move Items Here from Finder’s menu bar.

Your Mac will then move all selected items from their original folder to the new folder that you chose above.




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