How to search for Hidden Messages on your iPhone? In this article, we are going to show you some simple ways to locate any hidden text message on the iPhone. The step is easy, just follow this article carefully.

So many iPhone users prefer to keep their messages private, far away from their partners or friends. This is actually good, though, out of inquisitiveness, so many people will want to access the entire hidden text message.

Ok let’s take a look at this, for instance, the device is yours and you don’t have any single idea on where to find all your hidden messages on your iPhone. All you have to do is follow this simple article as we are going to break it down to you on how to find any hidden text messages or hidden Facebook messages on your iPhone.

How to Search For Hidden Text Messages

Hiding a text message on your iPhone, there are usually two options, the first one is disabling message preview or automatically stop receiving message notifications by the Settings.  Another method is for you to move someone from the Contact list and then make it an unknown sender.

The simple truth is none of these options can hide your text message on the iPhone. On every iPhone, there has never been an option to automatically hide a text message on your iPhone except you make use of the Cydia tweak which only works on the jailbreak iPhone.


So in other to find a hidden text message on your iPhone, you will have to open your iPhone and then move to the messaging app, where you are going to see all the messages. As for a text message from all unknown senders, you will have to switch to the Unknown Senders list.

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How to Find Hidden Messages in Facebook

Are you looking for how you can find hidden messages on the Facebook apps on your iPhone, you will have to follow the steps below.

Step 1: You will have to launch the Messenger app on your iPhone
Step 2: Click on the( Me) icon which is located at the right bottom corner of your iPhone.
Step 3: Now you will have to click People > Message Requests.
Step 4: You are going to see any unread Message Requests. There will are going to be a blue link labeled “See filtered requests.”

Clicking on that will bring you to the filtered request screen. Then you can now click on the message and then choose to accept to move the message to your inbox.

That’s all you have to know about how to find a hidden text message on the iPhone.



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