We have basically two ways of which you can block your YouTube channel: Blocking a YouTube channel so you won’t be getting unusual comments on your videos.

Blocking a YouTube Channel So That You Don’t See all Videos in Your Feed

Blocking a Channel on YouTube for the Web

For this to be done you have to open YouTube and then site in a browser on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

Then on your YouTube site, look for a video that’s from the channel that you wish to block. Then, move over to that video and then click on the three-dot symbol menu.

A menu will open after you must have to click on the three dots, select “Don’t Recommend Channel.”

Notice: note once you have succeeded in blocking a channel, you won’t be able to unblock it individually.  You will then have to unblock all of your blocked channels.

As simple as that. YouTube will no more suggest videos from the selected channel in your feed.

How to Block a Channel on YouTube on your Android, iPhone, or iPad

The YouTube app for your Android, iPhone, and as well as iPad allows all users to block a channel. To begging the process, you will have to open the YouTube app which is on your device.

Then move down to the list of videos. Then look for the video which appears from the channel that you want to block. Then, click on the three-dot menu which is next to the video title.

Pick/Select “Don’t Recommend Channels which is at the menu that displays.

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Done that good, your selected YouTube channel is finally blocked.

Unblock Your Blocked YouTube Channels

Different from the other services, the YouTube app doesn’t permit you to unblock channels individually. The only way to do this is to unblock all of your blocked channels.

If you wish to proceed with that command, you will have to open Google’s My Activity site link in your web browser on your Windows, Mac, or your Linux computer.

Then on after getting to the “My Google Activity” site, from the left sidebar, you will have to select “Other Google Activity.”

Then move down the following screen to your “YouTube Not Interested Feedback column. Finally, click the “Delete” option.

YouTube will display a warning pop-up sign.

Then click on Select “Delete” in this pop-up to delete your blocked channels list.






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