How to Download over 100 plus best PPSSPP games for your Android PSP emulator, if you already own one then you don’t need to be searching around for which one to play on your device/smartphones.

The PPSSPP game files or the ROMs are mostly available in a Zip, RAR, 7z arrangement; files can later be extracted after you download one of them.

If you are running these ROM files on your Android PPSSPP emulator if you are deliberately searching the YouTube for best PPSSPP Emulator settings on Android.

In this article, I will be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to extract the files easily without encountering any issues at the end of you going through this post, Note. Make sure you provide enough space in your smartphone/device memory card or internal storage space.

The real iso and cso document format don’t require any further extraction different from when you download the iso file in a RAR format, all you have to do is load it from your PPSSPP – PSP emulator app or PSP Handheld console and then start playing and enjoy your favorite games smoothly.

In other for you to run or play any of the PSP games below on Android – Download and Install PPSSPP – PSP Emulator Gold Apk


This is also a list of  apps you have to install before having this game app, the Zarchiver Zip or RAR file extractor app for you to unzip the PSP ROM files below after you must have downloaded your favorite PPSSPP game to your device, to initiate this simply >>  Download Zarchiver Pro Apk

Below you will find all top PPSSPP -PSP Emulator games to choose and download to your smart device: 

 The God of War: Chains of Olympus

This game is among the popular games on ppsspp-PSP up to date which is receiving more than 5 million downloads every year, this game is a story narration of Greek mythology, you as a player you agree to take the role of Kratos and then start playing along with the storylines that displace on your screen.

In this game, the chains of Olympus franchise, you will be asked to defeat your enemies with a double chain sword, passing through the dark ancient buildings full of horror passing through so many rivers to cross to other lands of enemies, this game also provides screen instruction to guide you in different stages.

Download: God Of War Chains Of Olympus Iso

Optimized Version: GOW Chains Of Olympus CSO Optimized

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

This second version/ a Remix of God of war for the PSP console which is titled ghost of Sparta, thus particular game comes with different storylines from the above, it is still Kratos who plains the main character in this plot of the game, when you play, you can upgrade your war sword to kill your enemies faster.

Download: God of War: Ghost Of Sparta Iso

Size: 1.1GB

The Assassin Creed: Bloodlines

Altair assassinated many Templar leaders in the holy land since one month ago, and another Templar leader will come around that he will be facing as his new enemy, and the name of this Templar leader name is Armand Bouchart.

Finally, he would travel through Cyprus in other to hunt down the Templar leader to stop their bad arrangements. The Blood-lines game was the first PSP game that tells the story of Altair who tracks down the last Templars who escaped the holy land.

Download: Assassin Creed – Blood Lines

Size: 540 MB

The WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2006

This game comes with its own one-on-one match to emulate PPV matches on WWE such as WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble, the Hell in a Cell, the Elimination chambers, the table ladder chairs, the money in the bank, etc.

There are so many WWE legend athletes who can unlock as you move along in playing the game, with some little story on the road to WrestleMania; the game has support for Android and PSP devices with minimal graphics quality.

Download: The WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2006

Size: 958 MB

The X-Men Origin

This particular game is based on its wolverine movie; this movie has the same title that tells how the wolverine behaved. This is an action-packed game that is filled with various fighting moves and smart players will then get hooked to it as they play the game on their device repeatedly.

Download: X-Men Origin Wolverine Iso

Size: 404 MB

Beowulf – The Game

You as a game player you will have to imitate the life of Beowulf, who is known as a nightmare and also a legendary warrior with much strength of more than 30 men combined together with his brutal behavior.

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Beowulf finally will embark on a deadly journey to destroy some blood-thirsty beasts that have wreaked havoc and as well have destroyed many things.

Download: Beowulf – the game

Size: 982 MB

The Need for Speed – Shift

This game brings a real knowledge of car racing on your smart device by driving with a very high speed and best functioning cars in the world; you will race with other competitors and then become the best driver by winning each race.

Download: Need For Speed – Shift

Size: 932 MB

The Need for Speed – Most Wanted

You will beat your fellow co-drivers for you to be at the top of the race table, then power up your driving skills, by you drifting and hitting all obstacles with diverse techniques, get prepared in exploring different modes of the game.

Download: Need For Speed Most Wanted

Size of Game: 175 MB

Ghost Rider

Are you a fan of the movie “Ghost Rider” this game comes with the similar storyline of the movie the game is talking about someone who transforms into a flaming skeleton at night when the full moon is out and then possessed other human beings in this way he will then has the ability to control them?

So in these cases get ready to play the hack and slash game on your PSP Emulator and device.

Download: Ghost Rider

Size: 652 MB

The WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2K14

You will play this game with your favorite WWE role model to be able to beat your rival with diverse finishing wrestling moves.

This game was presented with a better navigation menu which is there for you to be able to select a wrestler, move to story modes, click play popular events such as Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, etc.  Though this particular game was developed by 2k sports.

Download: WWE Smackdown vs raw 2k14

Size: 1.3 GB

NOTE, you also have to copy the WWE 2k14 save data file to the PSP folder after you have extracted it.

Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories Download

This is one of the first GTA games in which you stand as the main character in liberty city as the Toni Cipriani, the first year which it was released, this game was available only on PlayStation, then after some time it was, it was developed for the PlayStation 2 console which was the following year.

Download: Grand Theft Auto – Liberty city stories

Size: 555 MB

The Mortal Kombat – Unchained

The Mortal Kombat- Unchained Game/Series has been in existence for so many years now, in this game there is so much resemblance between this game and the Tekken but it came with so many features and actors with more dynamic fighting styles, each actor are featured with different storylines, the endurance mode, fatalities and more.


Download: Mortal Kombat Unchained

Size: 916 MB

The Tekken – Dark Resurrection

This game has one of the most explosive fighting games on its PSP platform. Examples of new characters are Lili and Dragunov joining the perfect groups of the cast such as Jin, Heihachi, Paul, and Law in the battle line in other to be crowned King and kings of the Iron Fist Tournament.

Download: The Tekken – Dark Resurrection

Size: 1.33 GB

The Soul Calibur – Broken Destiny

This game conserves all raging fights and beautiful visuals, this series has been known for creating the most all-inclusive fighting experience ever on the PSP gaming system that comes with highly reactive controls and comfortable gameplay.

Download: Soul Calibur – Broken Destiny

Size: 375 MB

The M.A.C.H (Modified Air Combat Heroes)

As an air combatant, race and all fight enemy warplanes at a very high speed in other to earn credits and be awarded medals of honor.

Download: M.A.C.H Modified Air Combat Heroes

Size: 233 MB

FIFA 14 – Legacy Edition

You will Play and understand the score great goals in FIFA 14. Play as if you are in the real football world of a football match, the gameplay encourages fans to play with full interest.

Download: FIFA 14 – Legacy Edition

Size: 700 MB

Tomb Raider – Legend

Lara will travel all over the world searching for legendary ancient artifacts.

In this game, it was considered to be a restart for the series after all the Angel of Darkness was giving perfect poor reception.

Download: Tomb Raider legend

Size: 1.59 GB

Prince Of Persia – The Forgotten Sands


Download: Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands

Size: 500 MB

Naruto Shippuden –  Ultimate Ninja Heroes



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Download: Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Size: 205 MB

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII



Download: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Size: 1.047 GB

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep


Download: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Size: 1445 MB

The Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions


Download: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

Size: 215 MB

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

The Metal Gear Solid is Peace Walker’s portable entrance to the Metal Gear permit, which is the second canonical Metal Gear title produced for the PSP.

Download: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Size: 1417 MB

Spider-Man 3

Is an interesting Game which you will love to play


Download: Spider-Man 3

Size: 1.4 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

You will enjoy Playing a whole new football game with KONAMI’s PES 2014.

Download: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Size: 1 GB

Ben 10: Alien Force

One remarkable game of over so many years now that catches so many teenagers’ attention download and enjoy.


Download: Ben 10 – Alien Force

Size: 746 MB

Moto GP

Moto GP is a motorbike racing experience which you will find interesting, it is fun and interesting.

Download: Moto GP

Size: 340 MB

The Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Gameplay come with revolutionary new systems example like the Drift Indicator that enables the Fast & the Furious the most reachable realistic drift game ever.

Download: Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift

Size: 358 MB

The all-new Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory

The game comes with so many Immersive Gameplay originated from the ground up, as a Call of Duty experience.

Download Link: Call of Duty – Roads To Victory Game

Size: 465 MB

The Ben 10: Protector Of Earth

Download: Ben 10 – Protector Of Earth

Size: 472 MB

The Avatar: Last Airbender


Download: Avatar – The Last Airbender

Size: 124 MB

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars


Download: Grand Theft Auto – Chinatown Wars

Size: 548 MB

The Iron Man

Marvel superhero game for PSP which is 100% just like the movie you have watch/view

Download: Iron man

Size: 455 MB

Iron Man 2

The 2021 ion man edition which is more better and preferable than so other games which you most have encountered


Download: Iron Man 2

Size: 664 MB

Simpsons Game

Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa are all very happy they can defend their home without having so many fewer powers

Download: The Simpsons Game

Size: 690 MB

The Sims 2

Another remarkable game that you will find interesting for your device

Download: Iron Man 2

Size: 664 MB

Simpsons Game

Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa are all very happy they can defend their home without having so many fewer powers

Download: The Simpsons Game

Size: 690 MB

The Sims 2

Another remarkable game that you will find interesting for your device

















Download: The Sims 2

Size: 433 MB

Sims 2 – Castaway Game



Download link: The Sims 2 – castaway

Size: 293 MB

The Sims 2 – Pets


Download: Sims 2 – Pets


Size: 761 MB

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011

Download: Smackdown Vs Raw 2011

Size: 1258 MB

The World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

Kindly download this game below

Download: World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

Size: 580 MB

The X-Men Legends II: Rise Of The Apocalypse




Download: X-Men Legends II – Rise Of The Apocalypse

Size: 1055 MB

Xiaolin Showdown

The Xiaolin showdown this game is based on the Warner Bros Cartoon

Download: Xiaolin Showdown

Size: 287 MB

The YS Seven Game



Download: YS Seven

Size: 440 MB

The Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Eighth Wonder Of The World




Download: Peter Jackson’s King Kong

Sizes: 483 MB

Space Invaders Extreme



Download: Space Invaders Extreme

Sonic Rivals

Download: Sonic Rivals

Size: 114 MB

The Sonic Rivals 2 Game

Download: Sonic Rivals 2

Size: 193 MB

Spider-Man 2

In the scenes and as well as the plots of this game have so many similar storylines to its official movie.

Download: Spider-Man 2

Size: 490 MB

FIFA Soccer 12



Download: FIFA soccer 12

Size: 750 MB

SpongeBob’s Truth and Square

This one remarkable and the latest adventurous game to download.

Download: SpongeBob’s Truth And Square

Size: 1230 MB

The Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

Download: Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

Size: 225 MB

The Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe


Download: Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe

Size: 495 MB

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Metal Slug XX



Download: Metal Slug XX

Size: 196 MB

The Spectral Soul: Resurrection Of The Ethereal Empire


Download: Spectral Soul: Resurrection Of The Ethereal Empire

The all-new Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell


Download: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Size: 1195 MB

Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy




Download: Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

Size: 1.2 GB

The All-New Resistance: Retribution



Download: Resistance – Retribution

Size: 1.35 GB

Prince Of Persia: Revelations



Download: Prince Of Persia – Revelations

Size: 1.23 GB

The Lord Of Arcana



Download: Lord Of Arcana

Size: 675 MB

The Daxter Game

Download: Daxter

Size: 1.29 GB

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

This game was first set in the year 1970 it is fun and interesting


Download: Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops

Size: 817 MB

The Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus



Download: Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops Plus

Size: 660 MB

The Hot Shot Golf: Open Tee





Download: Hot Shot Golf – Open Tee

Size: 402 MB

Hot Shot Golf: Open Tee 2



Download: Hot Shot Golf – Open Tee 2

Size: 746 MB

Race Driver 2006

Download: Race Driver 2006

Size: 900 MB

The Wipe Out Pulse



Download: Wipeout Pulse

Size: 205 MB

The Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The War Lord

Download Below


Download: Puzzle Quest – Challenge Of The War Lord

Size: 78 MB

The Half Minutes Hero



Download: Half Minutes Hero

Size: 120MB

Virtual Tennis: World Tour



Download: Virtua Tennis – World Tour

Size: 154 MB

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow



Download: Syphon Filter – Logan’s Shadow

Size: 1.1 GB

LocoRoco 2



Download: LocoRoco 2

Size: 1512 MB

Burnout Legend



Download: Burnout Legends

Size: 247 MB

The PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe



Download: PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe

Size: 97 MB

The Little Big Planet

Download: Little Big Planet

Size: 1.2 GB

The Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness



Download: Disgaea Afternoon Of Darkness

Size: 426 MB

The Ridge Racer

Download: Ridge Racer

Size: 568 MB

The Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Game



Download Link: Tactics Ogre – Let Us Cling Together Game

Size: 1122 MB

The Lumines Game


Download: Lumines

Size: 144 MB

The Field Commander Game



Download: Field Commander

Size: 860 MB

The FIFA Street 2



Download: FIFA Street 2 

Size: 208 MB

MotorStorm Arctic Edge



Download: MotorStorm Arctic Edge

Size: 510 MB

The Gran Turismo

This was first game entry to the PSP platform  which was presented as a racing game with a very high quality graphics.


Download: Gran Turismo

Size: 955 MB

The Test Drive Unlimited



Download: Test Drive Unlimited

Size: 912 MB

The Flatout: Head On Game




Download: Flatout – Head On

Size: 360 MB

The Sega Rally Revo


Download: Sega Rally Revo

Size: 164 MB

The Street Supremacy



Download: Street Supremacy

Size: 386 MB

The Gripshift



                                                             Download: Gripshift

Size: 127 MB

The Pursuit Force


Download: Pursuit Force

Size: 690 MB

The Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Download: Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice

Size: 848 MB

Justice League Heroes


Download: Justice League Heroes

Size: 1.4 GB

The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Game


Download: The Transformers – Revenge Of the Fallen Game

Size: 1.08 GB

The Ultimate Ghost N Goblins Download Game


Download: Ultimate Ghost ‘N Goblins

Size: 279 MB

The Lord Of The Rings: Tactics


Download: Lord Of The Rings – Tactics

Size: 529 MB

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing


Download: Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing

Size: 90.2 MB

The Hunter X Hunter: Wonder Adventure

Download: Hunter X Hunter – Wonder Adventure 

Size: 411 MB

The Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Game


Download: Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Impact

Size: 905 MB

Dante’s Inferno


Download: Dante’s Inferno

Size: 1396 MB

Army of Two: The 40th Day


Download: Army of Two – The 40th Day

Size: 632 MB

The PES 2019 Version PPSSPP – PSP Iso Game

Download: PES 2019 PPSSPP – PSP Iso

Size: 900 MB

PES 2020 Version PPSSPP – PSP Iso Game



Download: PES 2020 PPSSPP – PSP Iso

Size: 600 MB

Prince of Persia Revelations Remastered






                                 Download: Prince Of Persia Revelations

                                                   Size: 300 MB






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