Let’s begging with How to turn off your Safe Mode on Samsung A70? If your Samsung A80 stuck in Safe Mode or Safe Mode won’t turn off? How to toggle Samsung A90 from Safe Mode? Turning on Safe mode on Samsung A70?

When you finally buy a new Smart Samsung device, this Device/phone will be functioning very fine however some cases it may likely slow down or even crash. This can be as a result of the app which was installed on the device or any other fault. But let’s see, in other to check, you are going to put your Samsung A90 into safe mode and then restart your device.

What is a Safe-mode?

Good, a safe mode is defined as a clean mode that allows all first-party apps to run.  In This case, if you no longer have the same Error then the issue must be from a third-party app. In this little tutorial, we are going to showing you a clear picture of how to boot your Samsung A80 into safe mode and how to turn it off.

How to Toggle Samsung A70 into Safe Mode

Step 1: You have to press and hold down your phone power button which is at the side until you see the power off icon.

Step 2: Then press and hold the power off icon till you see safe mode.

Step 3: Almost done. Click on the Safe Mode icon and your Samsung A80 will move into safe mode.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Your Samsung A90 / A70 / A80

Step 1:  Hold the Power and Volume down key.

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Step 2: Click Restart > Restart

Step 3: Your device will restart into a standard mode and you can use your phone normally.

How to boot your device into Safe Mode when powered down

Step 1: Hold onto the power button. Your phone will vibrate and you are going to see the Samsung logo.

Step 2: You will then have to Release the power button and press and hold on to the volume down key.

Step 3: You must keep holding the power volume down button till you see the home screen with the Safe Mode indicator.

You can now finally exit the safe mode by restarting your Samsung A80.

More about Samsung Galaxy A80 / A70 / A90

Among all the Samsung Galaxy A80 A70 and S90, the Samsung A80 features a special body built. This smartphone has a very sleek body design which offers a screen display size of 6.7 inches. It comes with a massive camera setup that includes 48 MP + 8 MP + TOF which makes use of Automatic pop-up spinning.



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