BVN number is very important in the banking sector. To get that number will cost you N20 that is if you still have the phone number intact. In a situation where you have forgotten the phone number, it will be almost impossible to get the number at a go.

However, there is still some workaround to retrieve your BVN number without a phone number. Well, in this post, we will be showing you how to get your BVN number even when you no longer have the phone registered on the account.

How to Retrieve BVN Number

You can easily retrieve your BVN number through the mobile banking platform. All you need to do is to pick up any mobile phone and then dial *565*0# code. This is not entirely free as a fee of N20 will be deducted from your account and after that, your BVN will be displayed.

Please note that you will have to dial that code with the phone number you registered your BVN. If you no longer have that number, then follow the below method.

Retrieve BVN without Phone Number

How to Retrieve BVN Number Without Phone Number

This method involved the use of internet banking. Yes, you will have to register for internet banking by creating an account with your bank and filling in the necessary information. Depending on the bank you’re using, you should be able to see your BVN number on your account profile.

The good thing about the use of internet banking to get your BVN is that there is no charge applied. Well, it also has a disadvantage and that is, it requires an internet connection and a smartphone or PC.

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Retrieve BVN using Mobile Banking app

It’s no longer news that many Banks now have their mobile banking app. Well, with this app, you can do more than transferring money and recharging your phone. So to get your BVN, login to your mobile banking app if you already have one or better still, go to App Store or Google Play Store and download your Mobile Bank app.


Register and after the registration, you will then be able to find your BVN number on your profile or other details.

Visit Your Bank

If you don’t have access to the number you used in registering your BVN and you don’t have access to your internet banking, then your only bet is to visit the nearest bank and request your BVN.

Make sure you are visiting the Bank you are banking with and also ensure you have a means of identification like National ID, Drivers License, or Voters Card. You should know that any form of data correction you want to do must be in the Bank.

When you reached the bank, speak to the customer representative and let them know you want to check your BVN. You can use this opportunity to ask for a BVN change of phone number if you no longer have access to the number.


If you already lost your number linked to your BVN you can still change the number by going to the Bank. However, the best way to get your BVN number is using this code *565*0#.

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